No Place Like NOLA

There are many reasons to visit New Orleans, or NOLA, as you might call it to remind yourself that you’re in Louisiana. There’s the jazz bars, unique Franco-Spanish culture, haunted history, Creole food, French Quarter architecture, open container law… the list can go on. But truly the only reason anyone needs to visit one of … More No Place Like NOLA

Querés Mate?

After spending 4 months studying in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, I was on my 26 hour flight back to Mumbai and, through all the distraction-free movies and palatable food, the one thought that was constantly on my mind was: Will I be detained upon landing? I was carrying three kilograms of loose leaves … More Querés Mate?

The Earth’s Largest Rainforest | Brazil (3/3)

Surrounded by evergreen rainforest trees, the Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is situated on the Rio Negro 200 kilometers to the north-west of Manaus, the capital of Brazil’s largest state – Amazonas. The Amazon rainforest is home to 10 percent of the world’s known species and represents over half of the planet’s rainforests. While we did not … More The Earth’s Largest Rainforest | Brazil (3/3)

A World of its Own: Rio De Janeiro | Brazil (2/3)

Isn’t it great when things go just as you planned? It was our second day in the beautiful city of Rio De Janeiro, profoundly named “River of January” after the month in which Portuguese explorers drastically misunderstood their Google Maps directions when navigating to India. They thought the bay they found was actually the mouth … More A World of its Own: Rio De Janeiro | Brazil (2/3)